India Retreat 2018

Women's Retreat in Rishikesh, India!

Join Kirsten Warner & Myka McLaughlin on the Pilgrimage of a lifetime!

Women's Dharma & Yoga Retreat

November 12-21, 2018

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Amidst all the beauty in your life…

  • Do you still feel an ache, an emptiness, or a sense of stagnation that quietly haunts you when you drive home from work, or lay down to sleep? But you don’t even know what’s missing?
  • Is the speed of your modern life increasingly exhausting? Are you spending most days racing the clock at work, at home, and even, socially? Are you struggling to digest and metabolize all the information coming in?
  • Have you been on a journey of self-transformation for some time, but are currently noticing areas your life or your spiritual practice feels stagnant and stuck? Are you honestly at a loss for how to bring new energy and movement to these old, stagnant places within you?
  • Are you feeling the massive shifts on the planet, and an increasing sense of urgency that has you feeling afraid, confused or paralyzed about what to do or how to help in the face of such monumental challenges?
  • Have you been looking for your unique service and dharma in the world for years, or even decades, but finding the alignment with your soul’s contribution has continued to be painfully elusive?
  • Have you discovered success in your career or dharma, only to realize there’s something new wanting to happen through you, but you feel afraid of losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build?
  • Or, do you just need an epic vacation with epic women in an epic country?


If you can relate...

this women’s retreat will take you on an adventure of a lifetime

- a pilgrimage to your soul -

that will shake up your life, calm your nervous system,

enliven your spiritual practice,

and perhaps even awaken your dharma at a cellular level,

so you can discover something absolutely brand new

about yourself and your contribution to the world.


What you’ll receive in the Women's Dharma Retreat:

  • The outer adventure of traveling into the great unknown of this mystical country, India, will mimic the epic inner adventure of discovering what is missing from your life. The brand new magic you crave cannot be known, until you lean into the adventure of discovering it.
  • On this sacred pilgrimage, you will leave the rapid pace of modern life. Through a gentle daily schedule with ample periods for unscheduled reflection on the gorgeous grounds of the Anand Lok Retreat Center, you’ll reconnect with your soul’s spacious, melodic rhythm. As time slows down and you shed the voices of “have to” or “should do,” you’ll hear the inner song of your soul and the message it has about your dharma in the next phase of your life.
  • During these ten days, you’ll be guided through daily yoga practices, meditations, chanting and self-reflection exercises that will shake out the old, stagnant energy and wake up new, creative insight in your body, mind and soul. 
  • Being with a group of amazing women - who are also committed to being in service at this monumental time - is necessary for illuminating a path of health and well-being for Earth’s future. You are a critical part of this shift, and you don’t have to do it alone.
  • Through a series of potent exercises, you will be taken on a journey of dharmic discovery for how your life’s purpose might translate into a business, a personal mission, a community organization, and/or an inner clarity of knowing and relaxation about why you are here on planet Earth . How might getting clear on your dharma allow you to do less, but with greater positive impact?
  • Going on incredible adventures.   Traveling high into the Himalayas to spend the day with bright eyed and giggling school children. Hiking through a monkey filled forest to a magical Durga Temple with spectacular views, participating in sacred fire pujas with the beloved priest, Panditji, offering prayers and swimming in the Holy  Ganga River, wandering through the colorful markets, taking part in the exquisite Ganga Aarti and hanging out with spiritual seekers and teachers from around the world.  Did we mention the overall mind blowing cultural experience that is India? Rituals and roses, chaos and grace,  marigolds and mantras, unforgettable sunrises and the best chai of your life.
  • And don't forget the fun! And play! And breathtaking beauty ! Laughing like school girls when we should be sleeping. Crying with relief for being seen and understood. And sharing it all with the women that will feel soon like the pack of soul sisters you’ve been longing for all your life?

Where will we will be?

Our retreat will take place in the beautiful Anand Lok Retreat Center, just outside of Rishikesh in Northern India. 

The magic in the air here is palpable.  Everything pulses with the energy of thousands of years of practice. The feel of the land, the hearts of the people, the smell in the air... it's truly indescribable.

Surrounded by exquisite mountains in the foothills of the Himalyas and nestled right above the sacred Ganga river you will feel drawn towards deep practice and communion with the divine.

Quiet, focused retreat time will be balanced with a few group excursions to nearby towns, temples and schools.  You will also have some free time for your own practice, adventures and explorations


What's included?

  • 9 nights accommodations at the most beautiful retreat center on the sacred Ganga River
  • 3 organic, locally grown vegetarian meals a day
  • All local transportation
  • Taxis to and from Dehra Dun airport
  • Morning meditation & chanting
  • Daily yoga or embodiment sessions
  • Six deep dive sessions into your dharma, including group and individual exercises to illuminate your contribution and service
  • Women’s Community & Sisterhood
  • Local guides
  • Excursions to nearby Temples, Sacred Sites & Towns
  • Practical & emotional support before, during and after the trip
  • Indescribable beauty and magic

Not included:

  • Airfare to and from Delhi
  • Domestic flights between Dehra Dun and Delhi if only doing Dharma Retreat.
  • Domestic flight back to Delhi from Rishikesh if only doing Sacred Journey.

We will send you more details upon registration.                                


$2500 Early Bird (Based on double occupancy).    

$2800 After August 1, 2018

*For Single Occupancy add an additional $500

If you are interested in seeing more of India before our retreat, 

consider joining us for Chaos & Grace, A Women's journey through Sacred India!

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Say YES to the calling and we will be there to greet you with a garland of marigolds and a warm, loving embrace.  

Until Then...

Kirsten & Myka


Kirsten Warner has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 25 years, She is an E-RYT 500 instructor and the founder of Devi Yoga for Women. In addition to leading ongoing classes, workshops and retreats, Kirsten has developed several Yoga Alliance approved teacher-training programs. Her own radical transformation as a woman and yogini has inspired her to work with the energies of the divine feminine and use yoga and the alchemy of interconnection to help to support women around the world.  Kirsten has travelled and studied in India extensively since she first fell in love with it back in 1999 and she takes great joy in sharing it with others.  



Myka McLaughlin is the founder of WINC (, a business training program that has helped hundreds of women discover their soul’s unique calling and translate it into a profitable business model. Myka has also been steeped in the sacred arts of yoga and devotional women’s culture for 17 years. Myka’s approach to building a business integrates left-brain/strategic thinking with right-brain/emotional wisdom. In this retreat, Myka will guide women through a dharmic discovery process that helps you illuminate your dharma and how to channel it. For ladies that desire to build a business or organization, Myka will offer some optional strategic business training sessions as well. She can’t wait to laugh, and cry, and listen, and sing, and delve into the mystery with you all!


Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

-Carl Jung

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