5 Ways to Shed Winter Kapha

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



Our bodies are that of nature. The coldness of winter brings on the frozen, solid, and stiffness just as a creek or lake freezes over. As spring come, the freeze begins to melt and creates access water. Our bodies are similar. You may notice more nasal drainage or extra mucus in your throat. This is because we too,  cycle with the seasons. We are ending the cycle of winter, characterized in ayurveda as hibernation, energy saving for warmth, slowness, sleepiness, and less internal fire. During this time we are in the cycle of kapha. The kapha dosha is characterized as cold, heavy, soft, and slow. As the sun becomes warmer and the days become longer, the kapha naturally begins to shed and we move into spring, characterized in rebirth, awakening, and growth. Kapha though, is also represented as water. Winter and spring both share this kapha trait. Think of spring as the transitioning period between winter and summer. Carrying excess un-needed kapha energy will be hindering once summer moves in. 

It’s important that you assist your body in the seasonal transition process rather than restrict the extra flow. Here are a few ways to relieve your body of excess winter kapha so that you will have more spring like energy:

  1. Move! Sweat it out! Go on a run or a hike. Get to the point where you are sweating.
  2. Find warmth and avoid dampness. Lay in the sunshine and feel the rays on your face. Soak in the vitamin D. Imagine those rays to be a source of reawakened energy, vitality, and healing.
  3. Wake up with the sunrise. Resist the urge to sleep in.
  4. Drink stimulating spicy teas, such as ginger or cinnamon.
  5. Perform daily Garshana. This is a dry body massage to stimulate movement of the lymph. If you chose to use oils stick with sesame or almond oil. Castor oil is also wonderful, however, use it less often as it is heavy and can increase the excess kapha. After oil, take a hot bath and allow yourself to sweat. Once you exit the tub, stay in the bathroom a little longer and savor the hot steam.

Happy Transitioning!



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