5 Things a Women's Yoga Teacher Training Can Offer You

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Women’s yoga gives you all the tools that are required in a yoga teacher training and the added circle of like minded women. You will be moved beyond the physical and dive into the depths of your spirit and and emotional body alongside other women on the journey. Below are five reasons why you may be drawn to a women’s yoga training. Regardless, remember that whether you choose a women’s yoga teacher training or a general yoga teacher training, both are amazing opportunities.

  1. Women’s yoga teaches us that we are perfect just the way we are. All ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome and embraced. We often can become fixated on what’s wrong with our body image and attempt to transform our body to fit that of the perfect thin model thinking this will bring us happiness. We learn transformation does not come from a perfect sculpted body, but instead, from an inner transformation and a acceptance and celebration of our own beautiful body. Being surrounded by women creates a safe environment you express any personal feelings on this topic and hear from other women.
  2. Creates space for one another to find our voices. Our voices have been silenced. Have you had that experience where you have wanted to say something in confidence in standing up for yourself as a woman but your voice gets shaky? Or maybe a time when a triggered trauma comes up and you feel a block in your throat? Being with other women offers a container to express, to be heard, to be understood, and to receive and be received. Our voices are needed as a collective. There is no more time for insecurities. With each other, we can be heard. Yoga for women offers this tool.
  3. It’s okay to fall apart in tears, in rage, in heartache; it’s also okay to laugh uncontrollably, move sensually, and dance in joy- even when you may be the only one in the room doing so. We inspire each other to feel exactly what we feel. There are no cover ups here. The masks will drop. This is where the healing occurs. When we allow energy to move through us we are moving it beyond ourselves and into the macrocosm.
  4. Build connections. Build friendships. Build a dharmic community. Women’s work attracts a specific crowd. Depending where you are, this may be a large community or a rather small one. Regardless, we need dharmic community- especially, in the world of women’s work. Coming together in this environment builds a support system, one that you can call on, be inspired by, and be vulnerable in a way that opens the heart to the greater possibilities in life.
  5. Connect with shakti. Our shakti, or feminine life force and energy, is often shut away from our daily lives. In many cases, it has been completely forgotten about. Women’s yoga teacher training connects you with your feminine grace and raw power. Just being around women will naturally bring out the shakti.


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