6 Steps to Follow When Teaching Your First Class

Friday, July 14, 2017

Teaching your first studio yoga class can be both exciting and anxiety ridden! Your head is spinning with ideas, poses, themes, the what-not's and what to-dos while teaching. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Take a deep breath now and begin to prepare. You are well suited to teach and you have all the tools needed. Most importantly, this is your passion! It’s yoga- you love yoga! You are sharing your passion with others, because you know yoga’s healing power. Don’t forget that.

  1. Breath. Focus. Trust in yourself. Prepare your class with intention and have fun with it. Takes notes. Bring them with your while teaching in case you need to look back at them. If you want to look at them in secret while teaching, ask your students to go into downward dog or child’s pose.
  2. Do a little dance beforehand. Shake, roll, move it out. Shake out the fear and invite in what serves you.
  3. Smile, create warmth, be personable. Connection can be calming. Imagine the students are you close friends, even if you just met them.
  4. Review your class before you teach it.
  5. Teach what you know. If it’s already known in your body, then it’s easier and more comfortable to teach others.
  6. Have fun!!!

Each class will get easier and easier to teach, You were meant to do this and give the gift of yoga. Practice and have fun!



How to Create Your Own Home Yoga Space

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


We don’t always have the luxury of time or finances on our side to be able to get to a scheduled yoga class, and
sometimes, we just don’t want to leave the house. Not to mention, the need for healthy solitude amongst the chaos and busyness of life. Creating a home practice can add a beautiful layer to your yoga practice and deepen your practice. A home practice allows you the space to drop into what your body needs at the moment. There are many ways to go about this! Start simple with these four basic tips and build up as it feels right and sustainable for you.

  1. Make time. Even 10 minutes can go a long way and totally change the rhythm of your day to something positive and flowing.
  2. Find a quiet spot in your home with enough room for your yoga mat and one that gives you ample space to move through your poses.
  3. Add some ‘bling’ to create sacredness. This may be a single candle, a statue, a crystal, your favorite necklace, stone, flower, etc. Yoga bling is something that helps you ground into your practice and signals that the space you are creating is something unique to your day.
  4. There are many youtube channels of free yoga, as well as, inexpensive yoga video websites that can guide you through your flow. If you feel adventurous create your own flow!

Some perks of a home practice is that you can be in your pjs, or don’t even bother with the cloths! You can OM as loud as you want, practice your chants without any fear of being heard, you can arrive exactly as you are because you are doing it for YOU!


5 Things a Women's Yoga Teacher Training Can Offer You

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Women’s yoga gives you all the tools that are required in a yoga teacher training and the added circle of like minded women. You will be moved beyond the physical and dive into the depths of your spirit and and emotional body alongside other women on the journey. Below are five reasons why you may be drawn to a women’s yoga training. Regardless, remember that whether you choose a women’s yoga teacher training or a general yoga teacher training, both are amazing opportunities.

  1. Women’s yoga teaches us that we are perfect just the way we are. All ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome and embraced. We often can become fixated on what’s wrong with our body image and attempt to transform our body to fit that of the perfect thin model thinking this will bring us happiness. We learn transformation does not come from a perfect sculpted body, but instead, from an inner transformation and a acceptance and celebration of our own beautiful body. Being surrounded by women creates a safe environment you express any personal feelings on this topic and hear from other women.
  2. Creates space for one another to find our voices. Our voices have been silenced. Have you had that experience where you have wanted to say something in confidence in standing up for yourself as a woman but your voice gets shaky? Or maybe a time when a triggered trauma comes up and you feel a block in your throat? Being with other women offers a container to express, to be heard, to be understood, and to receive and be received. Our voices are needed as a collective. There is no more time for insecurities. With each other, we can be heard. Yoga for women offers this tool.
  3. It’s okay to fall apart in tears, in rage, in heartache; it’s also okay to laugh uncontrollably, move sensually, and dance in joy- even when you may be the only one in the room doing so. We inspire each other to feel exactly what we feel. There are no cover ups here. The masks will drop. This is where the healing occurs. When we allow energy to move through us we are moving it beyond ourselves and into the macrocosm.
  4. Build connections. Build friendships. Build a dharmic community. Women’s work attracts a specific crowd. Depending where you are, this may be a large community or a rather small one. Regardless, we need dharmic community- especially, in the world of women’s work. Coming together in this environment builds a support system, one that you can call on, be inspired by, and be vulnerable in a way that opens the heart to the greater possibilities in life.
  5. Connect with shakti. Our shakti, or feminine life force and energy, is often shut away from our daily lives. In many cases, it has been completely forgotten about. Women’s yoga teacher training connects you with your feminine grace and raw power. Just being around women will naturally bring out the shakti.


Yoga Teacher Training Giveaway!

Friday, June 02, 2017

20 years ago someone gave me the gift that would change the course of my life forever.

Recognizing both my love of yoga and my lack of financial resources, a friend generously offered to pay my tuition for my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Of course I was immensely grateful at the time, but the true magnitude of this gift has become even more apparent with time.

I simply would not be the person I am today had that opportunity not been made available to me. It opened countless doors and impacted so many areas of my life. Also I can see how the benefits continue to ripple out to all of my students and then on to their students as well. It’s incredible to feel how a simple act of generosity can touch so many lives!

Back then I had no way of knowing how deep down the rabbit hole of yoga I would go and where it all would lead, but I now feel thankful everyday to get to do the work I do. I am also grateful to be at a point in my life when I can pay it forward and offer this same gift to someone else!

I am excited to share that we are giving away one spot in our next 200 hour Women’s Yoga Teacher Training in Boulder, Colorado!

Devi Yoga offers a dynamic, heartfelt and integrative approach to the practice of living and embodying yoga. We truly believe that the practices we do matter. That the transformational power of women’s yoga holds the potential to not only enrich individual lives but also to benefit the global community.

This training is for women seeking a deep immersion in yoga philosophy and practice as well those who want to gain the confidence and skills to be a certified instructor. 

For more details on the program... Click here!

We are looking for applicants who not only have a passion for yoga, psychology and the alchemy of interconnection, but who also share our longing to support women and the rising tide of the feminine on the planet. 

Our hope is to make this training accessible for someone that otherwise might not be able to attend. Please share this opportunity with anyone you think meets those requirements.

Winner will receive a scholarship for the full tuition to our next training. Any travel costs will be the responsibility of the participant.

Contest ends on June 23rd. Winner will be announced on June 29th. 

There are 2 Ways to Enter...


  1. Share this photo and write up on your timeline.
  2. Tag at least 3 friends that you think might also be interested.
  3. Answer the following questions and email them to meg.deviyoga@gmail.com (Please write “Devi Giveaway” in the subject line. Your responses will remain confidential.)

1. Why do you want to take this training and/or become a yoga teacher?

2. How do you plan to take the skills and tools you acquire back to your community?

3. Why do you feel that you are the most eligible to receive this offering?


  1. Re-post this on your page with "Women’s Yoga Teacher Training Giveaway @deviyogaforwomen" posted in the caption.
  2. Tag at least 3 friends in the comments sections who might also be interested.
  3. Answer the following questions and email them to meg.deviyoga@gmail.com (Please write “Devi Giveaway” in the subject line. Your responses will remain confidential.) 

1. Why do you want to take this training and/or become a yoga teacher?

2. How do you plan to take the skills and tools you acquire back to your community?

3. Why do you feel that you are the most eligible to receive this offering?

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Spring is a Woman: A Meditation

Friday, May 26, 2017

Spring is the feminine.

She is Mother nature in constant creation.

It is Her dewy moisture and water that give growth and life to every being.

In Her morning calmness, shining drops of dew set onto the flower petals creating a land speckled in water.

Her morning is a place for birds to sing a welcoming note as at sun rises from their slumber.

Her moods shift in the afternoon bringing storms and rolling thunder, rain that feeds the land and river ways. Her rains are the sustenance of life as the plants soak Her up into their roots. Each thing is no separate from one another.

I invite you to wake up at sunrise and step outside, feet bare and sleepy eyed. Listen to Her bird songs, feel the cool moisture of dew on your toes. Imagine the dew giving your day energy and clarity. Breath in the freshness and purity of the morning air. Invite it into your body, giving flow to your own prana.


How to Transform your Relationship with Anxiety Using Yoga

Friday, April 21, 2017

Anxiety seems to be a common theme in today’s world. There’s plenty to be anxious about from the large scale, to the small, to the everyday mundane responsibilities and balance in life. Anxiety gets a bad rep. It is categorized as the negative emotion, and often denied by hiding it within, pretending that it’s “all good.” By hiding this emotion or running away from it, we actually miss out on valuable teachings. Anxiety is a teacher, a messenger, and an inner calling to pay attention.

On a biological level, anxiety is a survival mechanism. Our brain and nervous system pick up everything that is going on around us within our environmental field that we may not consciously be aware of. On the logical, science based fact- this is our primal resource.

Where we get into trouble with anxiety is when we add the mind and analytical thinking. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga teaches us to remain present and work with arising emotions. A common trigger for anxiety is the fear of walking one’s path or to fully step into the threshold of transition. Anxiety keeps us right on the edge of the threshold rather than courageously saying yes and walking through. This type of anxiety is debilitating.

Yoga teaches us not to deny or get rid of the feeling, but rather, work with it as a tool for deeper self awareness and awakening. Anxiety is the body’s way of saying slow down and pay attention! Which is contradictory to what we want to do when our stomach is in knots and our mind is going a million miles an hour with an imaginative story line of the situation.

When you feel anxiety arise stop and pause. Notice that your inner wisdom is calling to you to pay attention because it has something to tell you. Ask yourself, “What do I feel?” Strictly notice body sensations without applied meaning.

Now ask, “What does this tell me?” Surrender and breath, notice what comes up and ask the same question. This time go even deeper. Pick up on the message and go deeper again.

Notice your bodily sensations. Is there anything coming through to you? From there, contemplate, “How do I heal this?” “How do I work with this as a tool for growth?”

Notice the patterns in your life and when the anxiety surfaces. Is it reflected in similar situations? How can you transform the experience?

Yoga teaches us to welcome the sensation in and allow it to move through by being in the stillness and the breath.

Keep practicing. Keep noticing. Keep asking the questions. You have all the tools you need for yourself within.

We Are All on this Human Journey

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The beauty about being human is that we are all in relationships of many kinds; work, romantic, family, friends, roommates, the stranger in line at the store, etc. Relationships are a reflection of the areas in our lives that are filled with love and ease, and others may be filled with conflict and judgement. Those same qualities can flip within relationships and ebb and flow between hardship and grace. Each relationship shows us something different. There are going to be some people who you may never get along with- that’s okay. It’s about seeing it as it is without judgement, a grudge, or disgust. Instead, see it as what it offers, see that person as human too, and see yourself as human; imperfect, learning and on the journey. This is also for those relationships that are peaceful and filled with love.


Here is a short meditation to along yourself to let go of any harmful feelings, so that you allow more space for grace to flow:

Sit or lay down.

Begin three parts breath. Bring a hand to your stomach and feel breath, allow it to rise to mid stomach, and then to your chest.

Bring attention to your heart space and think of someone you love. Allow that space to be filled with that love you feel for them. Thank them. Give love to them.

Breath into your heart space again and think of someone who may cause stress or irritation. Feel it. See it. Notice how it affects you. Breath again bringing acceptance and unconditional love into your thoughts. See them as another human on the journey. Bring in the awareness that they are doing the best from their state of consciousness. This may take a few goes. That’s okay. Be sure to accept yourself and not judge yourself either. Keep choosing to feel acceptance and love.

Remember: We are all doing our best based on our current state of consciousness. We are all working though unseen and unspoken battles.


Sunset Meditation

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Notice the sun setting setting over the horizon. Notice the colors that are being reflected with the sunset. Feel the air change temperatures, listen to the bird’s song, and notice how the earth begins to put Herself to rest.

Find yourself a seat somewhere comfy. Light a candle or two to set a warm and calm atmosphere. Use a drop of lavender oil mixed with a carrier oil and rub it between your palms vigorously. Feel the heat in your hands and take in the scent of the lavender. Pause and cup on hands over your nose taking a deep inhale. As you inhale, imagine all your tension being washed away by the aroma. Allow the scent of the lavender to be drawn inward. Savor the smell and notice it how your body reacts.

Softly rest your hands on your knees. Relax into your seated meditation. Feeling ease and gratitude, begin a chant that means something sweet to you.

If you need one, try this:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

In short, this chant symbolizes loving devotion- you can never go wrong there.

*If you are pregnant it is advised that you always ask for guidance before using any oils.



6 Ways to Eat Your Food Like a Yogini

Friday, March 17, 2017


Food plays a vital role in our lives. It’s more than a pleasurable experience for our taste buds, it’s medicine. Everything we eat has a certain affect on our body. And, what is healthy can often turn toxic if we are taking our food for granted and not listening to our body. Did you know that if you are overeating or eating emotionally/when not hungry, that it actually build up in your intestinal tract and becomes toxic? Food is our ultimate medicine, food is life.  This is why yogi’s take a very mindful approach to eating. Here are a few ways to eat your meal with more awareness and consciousness:

  1. Pay attention to what your body wants. Feel into it. What’s it craving? When you think of food what do you think of? This is what your body needs. Eat accordingly.
  2. Try to eat before night fall. This is best for your digestion.
  3. Once food is prepared, sit down and think of what you are grateful for. Take in the colors of the food and the scent. Savor that moment. This actually sends signals to your brain and digestive system to prepare itself by stoking the digestive agni (fire).
  4. Eat in silence without distractions. This way you can fully take in the nourishment and be aware of your body’s signals when it’s full.
  5. Eat slowly. Think: Drink your food and eat your drink. Your saliva creates the enzymes needed to digest the benefits of what you are eating. Be sure to fully chew your food until it’s almost as if it has been juiced. Your body will thank you.
  6. Stop when you feel satisfied. It’s okay to not clean your plate.

It doesn’t end after the meal. Pay attention to how your body feels during the day. Are you sluggish, gassy, and bloated? Are you energized and balanced? Notice how your hair looks, your skin, your tongue, your eyes. Keep track of what you eat during the day and how it relates to your overall being. You don’t need a fad diet or a master cleanse to tell you these things. Rely on your own inner wisdom to tell you what is best for your body! Just because something is said to be healthy doesn’t mean it will agree with your own unique constitution. Trust your instinct… trust your gut feeling!

5 Ways to Shed Winter Kapha

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



Our bodies are that of nature. The coldness of winter brings on the frozen, solid, and stiffness just as a creek or lake freezes over. As spring come, the freeze begins to melt and creates access water. Our bodies are similar. You may notice more nasal drainage or extra mucus in your throat. This is because we too,  cycle with the seasons. We are ending the cycle of winter, characterized in ayurveda as hibernation, energy saving for warmth, slowness, sleepiness, and less internal fire. During this time we are in the cycle of kapha. The kapha dosha is characterized as cold, heavy, soft, and slow. As the sun becomes warmer and the days become longer, the kapha naturally begins to shed and we move into spring, characterized in rebirth, awakening, and growth. Kapha though, is also represented as water. Winter and spring both share this kapha trait. Think of spring as the transitioning period between winter and summer. Carrying excess un-needed kapha energy will be hindering once summer moves in. 

It’s important that you assist your body in the seasonal transition process rather than restrict the extra flow. Here are a few ways to relieve your body of excess winter kapha so that you will have more spring like energy:

  1. Move! Sweat it out! Go on a run or a hike. Get to the point where you are sweating.
  2. Find warmth and avoid dampness. Lay in the sunshine and feel the rays on your face. Soak in the vitamin D. Imagine those rays to be a source of reawakened energy, vitality, and healing.
  3. Wake up with the sunrise. Resist the urge to sleep in.
  4. Drink stimulating spicy teas, such as ginger or cinnamon.
  5. Perform daily Garshana. This is a dry body massage to stimulate movement of the lymph. If you chose to use oils stick with sesame or almond oil. Castor oil is also wonderful, however, use it less often as it is heavy and can increase the excess kapha. After oil, take a hot bath and allow yourself to sweat. Once you exit the tub, stay in the bathroom a little longer and savor the hot steam.

Happy Transitioning!



Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for.

-Joseph Campbell

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